What’s the secret behind male porn stamina? How do these men so easily get hard-as-steel erections and have sex for hours? Well, pay close attention. I’m Aaron Wilcoxxx and I’m a porn star. I’ve been in over 200 adult movies and I’ve intense body-shaking intercourse orgasms to hundreds of women. And I’m about to do what No Porn Star has ever done. I’m going to show you the industry secret to how male porn actors, like me, can so easily get and keep raging hard erections and never have to deal with problems like erectile dysfunction of premature ejaculation. What I’m going to show you works while having passionate intense sex with any type of woman in intimidating and high pressure situations and it works without using any drugs, pumps, pills or creams. It’s a secret any man can use!

I’ve taught this to married men in their 40s, 50s, 60s and older. Many of who said this secret gave them the hardest and longest lasting erections of their life. And I’ve tought this to single guys in their 20s and 30s who used this secret to get raging hard and defeat premature ejaculation. To become the kind of man women fight over to sleep with. So look. It doesen’t matter what your genetics are like, what your age is, what your track record in bed is, what your physical health is or what sexual situation you find yourself in… You can use this methods. And remember. It does not involve dangerous drugs, pills, pumps, surgery. So forget about setting foot in a doctor’s office and dealing with any embarrassing conversations. You can use this methods on your own and is 100% natural. And once you discover it, it will likely change your life.

Instead of worrying about whether you’ll get hard, stay hard or delay your orgasm so you can last long enough to satisfy your woman. Instead imagine developing the sexual performance of a porn star. Where you have so much power that if you ever need to get hard. All it takes is a performing a simple technique and BAM, blood fills your penis, you get a throbbing erection and you’re ready for sex. And what if you find yourself about to orgasm sooner than you’d like to? Then simply use a different technique instructing your penis to delay its orgasm and keep going.

Sounds too good to be true? Well listen. I’m guessing you’ve watched porn at least once, possibly many times, you may even have seen one of my movies. And if so, you’ll have seen how I and the other men in these videos, go for hours while staying rock hard in high pressure situations and delay ejaculation while women ride us like crazy. I’ve been there and done it, hundreds of times and I’m going reveal the methods so that you can get the exact same results.

So please pay close attention. This is a porn industry secret. Male porn actors have been sharing this secret with each other for years, but never to the outside world. Many of porn actors use various tricks, techniques and secrets to get hard, stay hard and boost our stamina. Now, traditionally these methods a kept within the industry. We don’t go talking or writing to just anyone about these methods. I made an exception.

Yound men were using the techniques to overcome premature ejaculation and give their woman many more orgasms. Older men were using the techniques to achieve fuller, thicker and longer lasting erections naturally and without the need for drugs like Viagra. And it even worked for men who weren’t in peak physical condition, were overweight and had long track records of performance issues in bed. So what I concluded was this. If right now you’re not getting and staying fully hard and are failing to give your woman body-shaking orgasms whenever you have sex… Your woman is desperate for you to discover these methods.

Too many men accept “Average” or just “good” sex lives. And they assume everything is okay. Sometimes their wives or girlfriends will even tell them that she’s happy with a just a “good” sex life. Until one day they find out their woman is sneaking off with another man, because that man can drive her wild in bed. I’m sure you’ve heard the stories of this happening. Almost none of these men see it coming. And no one ever thinks it will happen to them. Until it does. So let me tell you something… Don’t settle for just “average” or “good”. It’s the ultimate kiss of death. Especially, when there are techniques you can use to quickly get harder erections and boost your stamina naturally.

Now you’re probably wondering. What are these methods I keep talking about and that I was sharing that produced these incredible results for men? Well, listen closely and let me warn you… These methods go completely against all the mainstream advice available out there. See, the first thing was to avoid prescription erectile dysfunction drugs. If you go to a doctor and tell him that you’re having problems getting hard or lasting long in bed, what’s the first thing he’s going to do? Prescribe you Viagra. And you know what, this drug does actually work. If you’ve ever tried it you’ll know it’ll give you a hard-on shortly after taking it. But if you’ve done any research into the blue pill you’ll know it comes with a catch. Yes, it gives you hard-ons, but it also comes with a range of dangerous side-effects. It can raise your blood pressure and put your heart at risk. It can cause you to go blind or death. I can even permanently damage your penis. If it triggers an erection that won’t go away and you don’t get medical help in time. And these are documented side-effects. Many of these side-effects are listed on their very own website. So while you may want lasting erections, are you prepared to risk the future of your sex life and overall well-being for the short-term benefit of one or two erections? I know most men aren’t.

So what about the other solutions out there? You may have heard of testosterone therapy. How this works is you get testosterone injected directly into your body, which, in theory, boosts your libido and erection quality. Unfortunately, while this works for some men, again it’s only a short-term solution. Not only will this cost you several hundred dollars a month, but again it comes with some serious side effects. See, the problem with injecting testosterone direct into the blood is that your body then becomes dependent on that external source of testosterone. What does that mean? It means your body’s natural ability to produce testosterone becomes weaker. Therefore when you come off the testosterone therapy it can leave you with even less testosterone than when you started.

So what else can you do? Another option is penis pumps. How they work is they create a vacuum around the penis which forces blood into it. Sounds good in principle. But again that comes with a list of side effects. Red dots caused from bleeding under the skin. Numbness and coldness. Pain and bruising. That’s just to list a few. Again, virtually no porn star uses this method for getting hard and lasting long, because it’s not worth risking damaging your penis and potentially never having sex again in the future.

Finally, what about herbal treatments? You’ve probably seen ads for herbal solutions to erectile dysfunction and boosting stamina. Do these work? Well, interestingly there are publications that show real measured gainscan be made in erection quality by adding certain special herbs and goods to your diet. But finding a herbal solution that actually works is rare and for many people a herbal solution is not enough to experience the kind of raging hard-ons that make then a real superstar in bed. For this reason most porn stars, myself included, do not rely solely on special herbal supplements to achieve our unshakeable stamina.

The truth is that traditional solutions will not give you the kind of sexual performance that’ll make a woman beg for you for more sex. Look. What all these solutions do is try and make the problem more complicated than it is. If you want to start achieving rock solid erections that last so you can go for hours… The answer is simple. Get more blood into your penis. Let me explain. Errections happen when your penis fills with blood at a high pressure. Specifically, your penis contains two large chambers called The Corpus Cavernosa, which are filled with capillaries. As you get an erection these capilaries fill with blood, stored at high pressure, which is what makes you get hard. So that means if you struggle to get or stay hard, there’s only one reason. Your penis isn’t storing enough blood. It’s not because of your age. It’s not because of poor circulation. It’s not because of your health. It’s not because of your genetics or your track record. And it’s not because of a deficiency in Viagra. It’s sinply because you’re not storing enough blood in your penis. So, if you want fimer and longer lasting erections, along with more stamina, the more blood you can get in using a healthy and natural approach, the better. It’s as simple as that.

Now, the big question is how do you get more blood into your penis? Well, personally I’ve found it takes three things. These three things are the ultimate porn industry methods. Do these three things and you can achieve a hardness and stamina that can blow your woman’s mind. Icall these things “The three steps for ultimate erection and stamina control”. And I’m about to share them with you, right now…

Step 1 – Use a special set of penis exercises to quickly train your penis to hold more blood. So many porn stars use these exercises and they’re one of the industty’s best kept secrets. You won’t find this floating around on the web. And, no, these aren’t just everyday common practise. “PC Muscle”, “Jelqing” or “Pelvic Floor” exercises. I’m talking about advanced exercises almost no one knows about. They only take a few minutes a day but the impact they have on the quality of your hard-ons is enormous. And what these exercises do is they condition your penis to hold more blood. See, while the penis is not a muscle – it does have some similar characteristics. And just like how with the right type of training you can make a muscle, say a bicep, grow to be harder, stronger and bigger. You can do something very similar with your penis. Now remember the penis is not a muscle. So the type of exercise needed to get these results is very different. But if you do these exercises for just a few minutes a day you’ll be amazed by how much fuller, stronger and harder your erections become. I’ll tell you more about these exercises in just a second.

Step 2 – eat like a porn star. We’ve talked about special herbs and superfoods, but this something completely different. This isn’t about just having a healthy green shake every morning. And it’s definitely not about adopting some weird or restrictive diet that means you can’t eat candy, donuts, chocolate or any of you other favorite foods ever again. This is about adding certain “supplementary” superfoods that will transform your hard-ons. Almost no one knows this, but virtually all porn stars make sure they get a certain amount of special enzymes, amino acids and rare plant extracts in their diet. Now this isn’t just some “New Age” tree-hugger style diet. This is about eating special enzymes, amino acids and rare plant extracts that have been scientifically documented and proven to improve the quality of your hard-ons. Take a look at this. The peer-reviewed journal called “BMC Complementary Alternative Medicine” did a study on one of these rare plant extracts, which is originally from the Andes in Peru, and in their study they found – to quote “Two randomized controlled trials suggested a significant positive effect of this extract on sexual dysfunction or sexual desire in… Healthy adult men” Another special plant extract, originally found in Korea was researched by the international journal of impotence research, which said – “It can be used as an alternative medicine to improve sexual life in men with sexual dysfunction”. Look, I could list study after study proving that by eating certain special enzymes, amino acids and rare plant extracts you can measurably improve the quality of your erections… But I think you get my point. If you eat the right amount and enough of certain different special enzymes, amino acids and rare plant extracts you’ll be blown away by how the power of your erections explode. This is why almost every porn star makes sure they get these in their diet. Now, whant to know the really good news? Almost all of these special enzymes, amino acids and rare plant extracts can be found inexpensively at your local store. And, for the one or two that you can’t find at your local store you can order several month’s worth of these ingredients online for around 10$ if you know where to look. Then, all you need to do is make sure you get the correct amount of each of these ingredients into your diet. And I’ll explain exactly how to do all of this in just a second.

Step 3 – Think like a porn star. Let me ask you a question. Have you ever noticed how most porn stars seem fearless? And how they have just the right amount of sexual confidence and dominance? Well, most guys make the mistake of thinking this is because of their sexual skills. They assume that because these porn stars are so good in bed they develop this intense sexual confidence. The truth is it’s the other way around. Here’s what I mean… Most men think problems like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation cause anxiety, but in fact the opposite is often true. Anxiety and lack of confidence causes erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Want proof? The international inpotence research did a study on this and they found that – “Anxiety plays a major role in the development of the problems associated with erectile dysfunction”. This means that if you want to end erectile dysfunctions, premature ejaculation and you want achieve rock hard erections and last for hours in bed you need to destroy anxiety and gain confidence. To put it another way. Porn stars have outstanding stamina because they’re fairless. Get it? If you want to have firm and lasting erections you need to become sexually dominant. You need to crush performance anxiety. And walk, talk, act have sex with unshakable confidence. How do us porn stars do this? It’s not because we’re born with high levels of confidence. In fact, I used to be terrified around women before I figured this out. Pornstars are congident because we use what I call a “Trick of the mind”. In other words, we use special confidence “Hacks” to immediately crush any anxiety as it appears and replace it with unwavering confidence. That might sound a bit strange, but remember, anxiety and fear are just thought patterns. They’re just a way of thinking. And when you know how to change those patterns to patterns of confidence the fear melts away and suddenly it becomes easy to get rock hard and last for hours.

So look. I’ve just given you the overview of the 3 steps. If you follow these 3 steps you’ll gain a control over your erections and orgasms just like me and other porn stars out there. You’ll discover how to get hard on your command whenever you want. How to achieve fuller, thicker, firmer and longer lasting hard-ons. How to boost your stamina and control your orgasms so you can last for hours. And how to completely crush any perfomance anxiety. And much, much more! But as I’m sure you can tell there is a lot more to this. There is a lot more detail to each of these steps.